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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I'm Naked Under This Flag

These colors don't run and neither do I - from a fight. If you want to hear how liberals are wrecking this world, and how Bush was sent from heaven above to save us all, then do stick around. I'll slap another liberal onto the blog-b-que and we'll chow down!
God Bless America - Sam


Blogger Jeff Crowder said...

How was Bush sent from heaven?

5:54 PM

Blogger Sam Tompkins said...

He's Republican's gift from God that's how. He's lead us to 8 years of Republican rule, and look where we are now. We're rich in oil, the tax cuts just keep coming, and we have Bush to thank for it. I wish we could vote him in for another 8 years so he could help our proud democracy more.

6:23 PM

Blogger a4g said...

In twenty years, when the recycled ideas of the left will have been renamed "forwardism" (as "progressive" lies in a smolding heap), the socialists will still be talking about the fascist Republican President and how much worse it is now than in the good old days of Bush-- Bush who was a uniter, Bush of the New Tone, Bush who reached across the aisle.

And we will just smile wistfully, and keep fighting.

(Good luck blogging, Sam. I see I'm visitor #4. I'll be back to see what you have in store for us.)

8:12 PM

Blogger Sam Tompkins said...

Yes a4g, the term Progressive didn't mean much to the Progressive Conservatives in Canada and they had to drop it before they could get elected again. Praise be that Stephen Harper is in power now in Canada and the hapless left is left smoldering on the sidelines while the Conservatives blaze a new trail in the north, rejecting liberal ideas like Global Warming and social programs.

8:56 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a news flash for you...Bush is a Demon Spawn, and may God save us all from his evil plans...maybe you should do some research into the North American Union before singing his high praises.

Porgie Tirebiter

12:14 AM

Blogger Sam Tompkins said...

Your newsflash doesn't mean anything because it wasn't on Fox News! George Bush is not the devil, he is much more like Jesus, just look at how similar his hair is!

8:48 AM


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