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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Murtha getting sued

I'm not too sure yet who this Murtha guy is, but if Michelle Malkin says he needs to be sued then that's what we Republicans have to do.
It's not the Marine commander's fault that someone under his command killed some Iraqis. The Iraqis were probably guilty of something anyway, and the one who killed them was a democrat anyway, I heard that on Bill O'Reilly.


Blogger Tracey said...

You go girl . . . I found your site from a comment left on Jeff Crowder's site about the cat . . . I love Bush . . . I got caught up in this blogging thing and Jeff and I have a common blogger friends . . .I read alot of Michelle Malkins blog too. Do you ever read any others???

7:27 PM

Blogger Sam Tompkins said...

Hey Tracey, I read a lot it's a Canadian conservative blog. And I love Bill O'Reilly he's so smart and knows everything important about my country and America too.

12:12 AM

Blogger Tracey said...

I love Bill too . . . he's awesome. If you ever get a chance to read any of his books, please do so. I have The O'Reilly Factor and it was the most awesome book that I have read for a long time. Talk about good ol conservative values.

I will have to check that site out too . . . I read a lot of conservative blogs too. If you ever come across anything interesting, please forward it on. I am always looking for good material for my blog . . . my email is charlies_daughter at hotmail dot com

6:35 PM


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